Prosthodontists are dental specialists who undertake procedures related to the restoration and replacement of teeth. Our analytic and diagnostic capabilities allow us to identify and solve problems before restoring a full mouth to full function and aesthetics. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons specialise in the surgical management of teeth, jaw bones and facial structures. Introducing oral and maxillofacial surgery has enabled us to integrate more complex tooth replacement, grafting and general anaesthetic procedures into our approach.

Modern evidence-based treatment demands specialist expertise across many fields. At Sydney Dental Specialists we work with periodontists, orthodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, paediatric dentists, and other prosthodontists throughout Sydney to provide integrated and comprehensive treatment. We use the latest imaging, photographic, computer modeling and communication techniques to facilitate this interdisciplinary approach. We utilise NobelGuide™ and Facilitate™ implant planning software for precise implant positioning. We also use NobelProcera™ scanner and CEREC™ milling unit for design and construction of precise restorations. This level of precision is maintained during clinical procedures with the use of an operating microscope and a soft tissue laser unit.

We work collaboratively with our patients to ensure their comfort, understanding and desires are met throughout the process.

Your general practitioners and specialists, medical and dental, and your allied health professionals are included in treatment decisions and ongoing dental care.

Prosthodontics Gallery

Full mouth rehabilitation

Discoloured Teeth

Full mouth rehab before
full mouth rehab after
discolored teeth Before
discolored teeth after

Crown Case

Single Missing Tooth

Crown case before
Crown case after
single missing tooth before
single missing tooth after

Full Mouth

Full mouth Before
Full mouth After

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